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The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins, 
Volume 1

Ute Maria Cedilla

Ute Maria Cedilla has created a Two Volume breakthrough work on Emma Curtis Hopkins that will allow you to step through the veil to a deeper understanding of Principle and of yourself.  The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins 
Volume 1 - Realizing The Christ
Volume 2 is at the top of the Catalog page

ISBN 988-0-945385-47-9  




                       Authentic Spirituality

Christine Green 

As women we seem to excel at giving to others and yet often find ourselves mentally and physically exhausted, and feeling alone in the midst of everyone. Our soul craves the freedom to express and to find joy. We yearn to discover our authentic selves and our relationship to God.  

In Authentic Spirituality, we discover a deeper understanding of ourselves and of our relationship with God. We reconnect with our creative expression, open to possibilities, and learn to live as spiritual beings.

156 pages, 5x8
ISBN 978-0-945385-42-4  


                       Drops of Gold

Emma Curtis Hopkins 
Gems for each day of the year -  one of  Emma’s earliest publications, now in a daily journal format.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-24-0







The Genesis Series

Emma Curtis Hopkins

This is one of the few works of Emma Curtis Hopkins that doesn’t follow the progression of her standard twelve lessons. These lessons were extracted from Bible Interpretation Series Eleven and Series Twelve.  Each Series of Bible Interpretations represents three months of Sunday School lessons. Each lesson interprets a different Bible passage for the week, and a review of the quarter. These lessons were published weekly in the Inter-Ocean newspaper in Chicago, Illinois in 1894.

ISBN:  978-0945385-43-1

158 pages


The 13th Commandment

Frances Lancaster

The 13th Commandment is the crown jewel, the 24 carrot diamond of one’s Spiritual understanding.  To be aware of the love of God cradling oneself, is to be secure, free from fear and open, which allows that love to easily flow into form and expression.  

ISBN 978-0-945385-84-4  


High Mysticism

Emma Curtis Hopkins

  Studies in the wisdom of the sages of the ages.

 The culmination of Emma’s career, this is her synthesis of the truths to be found in all the world’s religions—framed by her 12 lessons.

The original text was printed in 12 little black books in 1920 and has since been reprinted numerous times by numerous printers. This new edition was scanned from the original texts and formatted into a single volume with minimal editing. 
ISBN: 978-0-945385-29-5  

352 pages , 6x9   


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