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The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins Ministry
Volume 2

Ute Maria Cedillo
Ute Maria Cedilla has created a Two Volume breakthrough work on Emma Curtis Hopkins that will allow you to step through the veil to a deeper understanding of Principle and of yourself.  The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins Volume 2 - Realizing The Christ
ISBN  978-0-945385-47-0

by Emma Curtis Hopkins:

 Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Class Lessons of 1888

The very first of Hopkins’ beginning lectures, introducing her version of “Christian Science” as she taught it in her first Seminary from 1886 to 1888.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-07-3

  Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Resume: practice book for the twelve lessons in high mysticism

These practice guidelines were first offered in 1892 to the advanced students and supplement the material in High Mysticism.

ISBN: 0-945385-11-0

   Emma Curtis Hopkins’The Gospel Series

Emma Curtis Hopkins shares the “good news” of unlimited health and prosperity through the power of upward vision and praise—perhaps the most readable of all her lecture series.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-08-0
     Emma Curtis Hopkins' High Mysticism  
Studies in the wisdom of the sages of the ages

 The culmination of Emma’s career, this is her synthesis of the truths to be found in all the world’s religions—framed by her 12 lessons.

 The original text was printed in 12 little black books in 1920 and has  since been reprinted numerous times by numerous printers. This new edition was scanned from the original texts and formatted into a single volume with minimal editing.  

ISBN: 978-0-945385-29-5  
Paperback, 6x9, 352 pages

   Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Self-Treatments, including the Radiant I AM

Taken from her journals and texts, these descriptions of our true nature enliven and inspire the reader, opening the way to new ways of experiencing life.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-14-1
   Emma CurtisHopkins’ Drops of Gold

Gems for each day of the year—one of Emma’s earliest publications, now in a daily journal format.


ISBN: 978-0-945385-24-0


  Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Judgment Series in Spiritual Science

Another perspective on the 12 Lessons, this time drawing heavily on New Testament scriptures, including John’s Revelation.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-16-5
   Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Esoteric Philosophy: Deeper teachings in Spiritual Science

The most difficult to find of all Mrs. Hopkins’ works—truly “esoteric,” and universal.


ISBN: 978-0-945385-21-9

by Rev. Dr. Ruth L. Miller:

Unveiling Your Hidden Power: Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Metaphysics for the 21st Century

Dr. Ruth L. Miller interprets the essential 12 lessons of Hopkins’ teachings. Includes biography and commentary.
ISBN: 0-945385-05-6

THE CLASS, A Facilitator’s Guidebook

Guidelines for leading a study group through the 12 lessons.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-13-4
3-ring notebook. $30.00


Workbook Edition

The 12 Lessons of Emma Curtis Hopkins, formatted to help the student complete Emma’s recommended daily practices.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-06-6
Spiral bound. $29.00


The Paths of Power series tells the stories of the great New Thought leaders—how they found the One Power, what they did with their discovery, and how their lives were transformed in the process.

For Readers of All Ages

Told by Ruth Miller;
Illustrated by Martha Shonkwiler

Paperback 6x9, 96 pages,
Each $12.00

Holmes, ISBN: 978-0-945385-15-8





Fillmore, ISBN: 978-0-945385-19-6





Hopkins, ISBN: 978-0-945938-28-8




Quimby, ISBN:






Troward, ISBN

Calm Healing: Methods for a New Era of Medicine

How and why meditation- and prayer-based healing methods work. Co-written with Robert Bruce Newman, noted teacher of Tibetan Buddhist meditation; includes scripts for releasing the past, restoring energy flow in the body, and guiding souls in comas and near-death.

ISBN: 978-1-53643-626-0
6x9, 250 pages $ 17.95
Finding the Path

Dr. Miller shares the story of her own remarkable journey toward healing, offering hope and inspiration to all who have come to the end of their endurance and seek a life free from pain.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-18-9
4x6, 96 pages $ 12.00

150 Years of Healing: the lives and works of America’s great New Thought leaders.

An overview of the lives and ideas of the major contributors to the Unity, Science of Mind, and Divine Science, showing how they related to each other—and to modern science.

ISBN: 978-0-945375-04-2
Uncommon Prayer

What really happens when we pray? Dr. Miller draws on the work of Emma Hopkins and other great teachers to give us the secret for prayer that works.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-09-7

Spiritual Success: a guide for the seeker

The daily practices from many traditions that work consistently to bring the seeker into a more complete experience of union with the Divine. Includes lists of resources

ISBN: 978-0-945385-27-1

Gracies's Adventures With God
Stories by Joy Newell

Illustrated by Ariel Newell

Toddler Gracie discovers  applying the foundation principles of Science of Mind easy and fun.  She  learns how to meditate, vision and so much more from her Grandma and others.  A wonderful introduction for a child to a life filled with God's good.   

89 pages, 6x9
ISBN:  978-0-945385-22-6








I Can Do This Thing Called Life 
and So Can You

Cath DePalma

This book is about you, getting to know yourself for who you really are and learning how to see all the good there is for you already in place. It is an invitation to look at yourself and your life and see all the wonder and magnificence. Are you ready?

ISBN 978-0-945385-33-2








                     Anatomy of Caring

Christine Green

Christine has given a precious gift to humanity in the writing of this book and the sharing of Laurence’s intimate journals in the last months of his life among us. She has opened her heart to give the world an opportunity to participate in an unfolding conversation between Laurence and herself. Everyone who reads this book and engages in the questions raised and the scriptures provided will enter into the circle of God’s love that sustained Laurence and Christine these past several years.

88 pages, 6x9, 
ISBN: 978-0945385-35-6







Providing Prosperity Principles
Rev. Frances B. Lancaster

Abundance NOW: 100 Principles & Practices for creating the world you really want!

Timeless principles and real-life examples of their application and effect make this an invaluable tool for anyone seeking a healthier, more abundant life!


ISBN: 978-0-945385-26-4 6x9, 96 pages






Coming into Freedom

Emilie Cady’s Lessons in Truth for the 21st century. Dr. Miller interprets Unity’s foundation text for the modern reader.




 ISBN: 978-0-945385-23






By Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis:


40 Days to Power -  Emma Curtis Hopkins

Dr. Kathianne, has done it again only this time she guides us through ajourney to our own “Power” with this daily journal, based on core ideas
from Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Scientific Christian Mental Practice.

ISBN 978-0-945385-30-1

8.5 x 5.5, 96 pages







40 days to Freedom With Emma Curtis Hopkins

Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis, Spiritual Director at the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living, guides us through a powerful journey of transformation in this daily journal format, based on core ideas from Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Scientific Christian Mental Practice.

ISBN: 978-0-945385-25-7
6x9, 96 pages
$ 14.00








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