Frances Lancaster

Rev. Frances B. Lancaster is a former teacher and curriculum developer ordained in the Science of Mind tradition. She was the director of children’s programs for the Living Enrichment Center in Beaverton and Wilsonville, Oregon, and coordinator of the Living Enrichment Institute. She went on to co-found the World Ministries of Prayer in Hillsboro, Oregon and was the Director of Prayer Ministry for the International New Thought Alliance. As founding president of the Northwest New Thought Ministers Association, she helped organize a series of inter-church gatherings of ministers and “positive music” concerts in the Portland area. She is currently coordinating the prayer ministry and teaching classes at Unity of Beaverton. Rev. Lancaster has taught and lived the principles of an abundant life for decades. In her own words,

I loved being a stay-at-home mom, but it also meant that we were very careful about how we used our money and our family didn’t seem complete yet with only one child. The idea that there was a connection between my thoughts and what was happening in my world had never really penetrated my line of reasoning. Over the next forty years, I learned a great deal about how the mind works: how our thoughts and deepest feelings come together to produce the experiences we have. I’ve taught many classes dealing with prosperity and financial freedom…[and learned that] to be free of fear is to experience true abundance and prosperity.

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