Rev. Dr. Ruth L. Miller

Ruth L. Miller earned the doctorate in Systems Science from Portland State University integrating intuition and analysis in impact assessment and decision-making. Her M.S. in Cybernetic Systems from San Jose State University was earned with a thesis integrating intuitive methods in systems planning. Her Certificate in Environmental Studies is from Long Beach State University and a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in American Literature was earned at the University of New Mexico.

She was ordained in the New Thought tradition and became the pastor of the Lifeways Center in Portland, Oregon, then interim Assistant at Unity of Beaverton. She is currently a “circuit riding preacher,” serving New Thought and Unitarian-Universalist churches in Oregon, Washington, and California.

In addition to numerous papers, research reports and program plans, she’s published several books including 150 Years of Healing, Unveiling Your Hidden Power, and The Book of Uncommon Prayer. Her most recent book Notre Dame which last applies her anthropological/systems perspective to the question of the disappearance of the Goddess from Western culture leading to a fresh perspective on who Mary called the Magdalene may have been.

For more information on Miller and her upcoming projects, please feel free to visit her site.

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