Authentic Spirituality, A Woman’s Guide to Spirituality


To our knowledge, the edition we are presenting here is the only currently published version compiled from the original singly-published lessons. The single booklets were published in the 1930’s. Rev. Natalie Jean discovered the booklets as well as a 1945 edition, both of which are identical, word for word. Rev. Natalie Jean has graciously worked with me in producing this edition.

All other available editions are copies of a 1959 version published by the Highwatch Fellowship (a group of anonymous Emma enthusiasts.) It has subsequently been published by DeVorss. Many others are now copying and publishing it. There are many errors in these later editions as well as additions and omissions; these current versions are all copied from the 1959 edition.

The mission of Wise Woman Press is to publish the works of Emma Curtis Hopkins as faithfully as possible to the original.