Energize Your Creative Super Powers


7 Ways to Spiritual Fitness(Move, Release, Listen, Imagine, Create, Give and Rest) will take you places you never dreamed possible before. The instruction manual is already within us. What is true and good already lives inside of us as part of our being. These spiritual practices are like rubber bumpers on bowling alley lanes, there to keep us aligned and focused so what we can see what is really going on. Changing our perceptions makes all the difference. We can accept the offer that Life continues to extend and enjoy perfection of it all right where we are. All we have to do is say, YES!!!

What is this book designed to do?
1. Broaden your horizons
2. Get you into shape, spiritually
3. Lighten your burdens
4. Set you free
5. Open you up
6. Make you spiritually strong
7. Put you in the driver’s seat of your destiny

This is a handbook full of easy, fun, and simple exercises and practices that will build spiritual muscles. This book is for YOU!