Other websites that are insightful and inspiring

The Teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins — A site dedicated to bringing renewed life to the mystical and spiritual teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. She taught the founders of many New Thought denominations, including Unity, Divine Science, and Religious Science. Any suggestions or more available sources of information welcomed.

The High Watch — Rev. Natalie Jean’s website has a lot of Emma’s works to read online. Contact her as she is doing pod-casts about Emma’s teachings weekly.

Sacred Days — Revealing The Presence of Christ in our Lives, dedicated to the practice of a productive form of spirituality that will make this Divine Intention the reality of our lives. The underlying Principle that allows us to attain such an exalted and graceful state of being is the Consciousness of Christ which is revealed through us by real spiritual practice.

The Radiant I Am — An animated reading of this incredible book. Don’t let the animation turn you off as it can be distracting.

The Church of The Learning Light — The Desert Church of the Learning Light is a teaching ministry, incorporated as a not-for-profit church, with the right to license Practitioners and ordain Ministers. It is our desire that you find here a means to increase a conscious awareness of your God, and the abundant joy of living in that Presence that is your inheritance.

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