Rev P. Joanna Rogers has a wonderful collection of Emma’s works especially on data CD`s with years for her Bible Interpretations for $10 each. It is the truest of Emma’s writings. Her website is Rev. Joanna has also put together wonderful Biography of Emma’s life and teachings.

Audio of “The Radiant I am” by Rev Lux Newman Very good readings, also of other pioneers of New Thought.

Audio of Scientific Christian Mental Practice read by Colleen Patrick. It is a very good reading of the book.

Unveiling Your Hidden Power class on You Tube. Class is taught at CSL Ashville Explore the 12 touchstones of Hopkins that were the mystical impetus in the Science of Mind movement. This class is based upon Hopkins’ 12 lessons of healing. Known as the teacher of teachers, Emma Curtis Hopkins was a teacher of both Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind) and Charles Fillmore (Unity).